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Travel through life, travel through music and art.

Passerby is a multi-cultural platform designed to incorporate music, visuals, sounds, ideas, people, and places.

It was conceived by Gilad Segev, who is an Israeli singer-songwriter, musician, traveling documentarian and author.

The Passerby is a traveling artist who tells his quest stories from his encounters with people from different cultures through music and video content. This content is an innovative multimedia experience that invites the spectators to a journey of different cultures and roots which eventually demonstrated a musical international melting pot.

His positive inspiration and creation are the result of his meaningful interactions with others and is shaped by their stories, lifestyle, authenticity, and dominant memories and traits of the many places he had visited.

As a descendant of immigrants, he is on an eternal quest to search for his own identity. That is why no matter where he goes, he strives to become enriched from the core identity of his never-ending destination. With his guitar as his single companion, he loses himself in the farthest of places, only to find himself closer to discovering his own personal truth. His music is his own pathway home, but it also gives others the key to be a part of an endless circle of inspiration.

Passerby stands for music without borders, shared creativity, cultural exchange and self-expression.

Home Is A Feeling

You Don't Have To Do Anything To Feel Significant

Reach In For The Stars

Earth. Wind. Fire. Water. Love.

The Passerby Manifesto

What does it mean to be a Passerby?
Sure, most of us are all travelers in this life.
But how many of us travel through life?

When we travel through life, at times we might find ourselves on an eternal quest, with no final destination in mind, discovering our physical journey is a trigger for inner and emotional journeys.

We find that when we are letting go, and getting lost on our adventures, we open a portal to hidden parts of ourselves.

Our journeys don’t just stop there though.
We’re also inspired by the lives of people we meet along our way.

We move through their stories, their background and culture, their way of life, their authenticity and heritage.
We find ourselves interconnected to these individuals.

Although we don’t speak the same language, we can communicate through the universal languages of music and art.

We collaborate and pass on their inspiring messages.
To lift up and echo these voices around the world.
To always carry a part of their lives with us wherever we travel to next.

Ultimately, creating a circle of inspiration.

No matter how far we go, traveling through life will open a mutual sense of belonging.

It gives us the ability to build emotional bridges and create the ecosystem in which we want to live in.
We realize that, in the end, traveling through life leads us to our own true final destinations – our inner voices.

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Gilad Segev has written and released two Quotes for the Traveler Through Life books.
The books present quotes and insights into the journey of life, by the passerby.
Passerby is in constant movement and searches through the challenging paths of life.
He believes he can belong anywhere by belonging to nowhere.
He knows that by becoming anonymous, to “no one,” he can be anyone.

On top of spectacular images from the most exotic places in the world. It is a unique and inspiring gift.

The books, which are accompanied by a musical album of worldly encounters, became a best-seller in Israel and has since been translated into 10 languages.

Keep Moving. The World Was Created With No Stop Signs

You Are Your Only Compass

You Are As Beautiful As Your Ability To Find Beauty Around You

Heaven Is Not A Place, It's A Choice


Project 34

“Segev uses his music to touch people’s hearts and bring them closer” – East Day (China)

Project 34 is a wide range collaboration with several national bodies in China and it aims to present the 34 regions of china from different aspects.

Since launching in June 2020, Passerby has been taking millions of people around the world on a musical journey throughout China. Passerby is releasing a new Folk song and music video each month for 34 months, representing each of China’s 34 regions while emphasizing on its local culture, heritage, beauty, landscape, people and, at times, products.

As part of an endless circle of inspiration – the project also features unique collaboration with local artists who hails from the regions.


Segev briefly relocated to New York and while there began working with singer-songwriter Jack Knight and producer Roahn Hylton.

They released their first joint creation, “Steel”, in Hebrew and English. Shortly thereafter, Segev released his fifth album, A Time to Change, Segev signed “Passerby” in the United States with Aida Gurwicz. Passerby NY001 (which is named on the mythological flight from TLV to NYC) is an excellent musical journey surrounded with all the sounds, images, colors and feeling of the big apple.


Passerby Concert

The Passerby Concert is a unique, tailor-made experience like no other. Passerby concert is a musical and visual performance, an innovative multimedia experience that invites the spectators to a personal journey.

On stage, Gilad with additional musicians from all around the world, reveals in every song a unique artist from different cultures and roots, the ones Passerby refers to as “The Passerby Heroes”.

The combination of these world music guests on screen, with video art and cinematic elements that portray global and exotic landscapes, creates also a visual spectacle that unites with the musical harmony of the concert.

The Passerby’s folky sound combined with world music artists creates a whole new style of music that acts as a bridge to bring remote hearts together. It also allows to amplify the voices of those talented artists, probably less heard through mainstream channels.

The Passerby concert is aimed to be an experience to all senses.

This combination of art and technology allows a deep emotional traveling experience for the audience, triggering them to find their own journey. Passerby refers to it as a journey to find their Mental GPS, in our multi-layered dimensional world.

Passerby concert is an outstanding celebration of life, community and culture.


Premonition, also known as Passerby’s remix project, is a special uplifting performance with a musical blend of tribal house, EDM with trance.

It captures with sounds and sights the meeting point of our tribal root with the current urban oriented environment it surrounded itself with. If it’s through the track lyrical, musical, visual or any other aspect.
On stage there is an innovative cast that sings, dance and play.

This special exotic team, surrounded with the powerful visual images, the variety of cultural unique musical instruments, together with the elevating DJ and video art, escalates to a total explosive performance.
This highly energized, colorful celebration of music and movement is suited to festivals and clubs in every continent.

Roots experience

Roots experience is a unique musical and visual performance that invites the participant to a journey where the past meets the present.

By creating an artistic diversity dialogue on stage, between Gilad Segev’s personal Syrian eastern roots and his European eestern roots, and with ancient Jewish prayers 500 years of age and current urban sounds, a unique and emotional multi cultural experience is formed.

Using exclusive recordings of choirs from synagogues, together with authentic ancient musical instruments, combined with modern current sounds and visual art display, an innovative rich harmony is created, in which one can find its own voice, roots and heritage.


A musical, intimate, and exciting lecture with Gilad Segev
Gilad with his guitar will present in an UNPLUGGED format the songs that have long since become familiar and beloved alongside stories from his travels around the world under the Passerby platform.

The uniqueness of this encounter is the personal touch, delicate arrangements, interesting performances and stories all combined with video clips integrated on a screen behind him to create a multi-sensory experience, and of course an opportunity to talk to Gilad about his work and fascinating life story.



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